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Study In Australia – Austrade Website Design


Client: Austrade / Future Unlimited
Graphic Design: Lee Jackson
This responsive website is the Australian site which serves information to those who wish to travel to Australia for study. Students from all across the world come to Australia for higher education and the Study In Australia site is often their first port of call for information, from courses, universities, opinions and much more. The extensive site was designed with many functional elements, all within a responsive layout to resize seamlessly across all desktop computers and handheld devices.

Toyota Kaizen – Video Presentation

Client: Swim Media / Toyota Kaizen
Art Direction: Lee Jackson
Kaizen is a Japanese way of thinking, ‘to change for the best’. Toyota use it as an Internal communication for their staff. To always try to think of ways to improve how the company does business. To always strive for better. This video presentation was part of a sales conference, to inspire the teams to engage with and start using this mantra. 


Telstra Onboarding Online Portal


Client: Adcorp / Telstra
Art Direction: Lee Jackson
Copywriter: Brendan Shanahan
Having such a huge workforce, Telstra needs a standardised way  of communicating to all its new employees. ‘Onboarding’ is the place where newbies go to discover everything Telstra. Because there is a lot of content, we created a site which takes the user on a journey. Made up of 5 ‘episodes’, we guide them through everything they need to know, in simple, bite-size chunks. At the end of each episode, the user takes a short quiz and receives an Onboarding score. Prizes and offers were awarded to higher accumulated scores. The Onboarding site revolutionised the way new employees interacted with the brand.

National Toyota Conference – Screen Content


Client: Swim Media / Toyota Today Conference
Art Direction: Lee Jackson
Toyota today is a national conference for staff from all Toyota Dealerships to come together and share in the future vision of the brand. The 2 day conference has various keynote speakers and presentations, one of which being Toyota Today. I created initial designs and a style guide for the video portions of the presentation. This guide, shown above was then utilised by motion graphic designers and animators to bring the presentation to life.

APRA Music Awards – Screen Content


Client: Swim Media / APRA Music Awards
Art Direction: Lee Jackson
The Annual APRA music awards is Australia’s answer to the UK Brits or US Grammy Awards. These designs were created for on-screen use on the evening. The designs were the blueprint for motion graphics on-screen presentations for all the award categories. A ‘template’ was created for all possible requirements which was then animated and brought to life by a team of motion graphics designers.

Toyota Rukus Welcome Mailing


Client: Toyota Australia
Art Direction: Lee Jackson
This welcome mailing targeted people who had recently bought a new Toyota Rukus vehicle. From data supplied from the manufacturer we could determine the colour of the car they had purchased. We used this data to create a mailing based solely around colour and what it says about a person. Using an exact match to their car colour (one of six colours), we sent out a personalised bespoke mailing completely themed in that colour. The mailing congratulated them on their choice and informed them of all the positive connotations associated with their colour.

UNICEF Swat Team – Facebook Game


Client: UNICEF
Art Direction: Lee Jackson
A child dies of Malaria every 30 seconds in the developing world. But it’s so easy to prevent this deadly killer with the use of a mosquito net. We created a special Facebook game to draw attention to the problem, but also show how easy it was to combat. We created ‘The Swat Team’ game, which asked the user to swat as many mozzies as they can in 30 seconds. The addictive game then delivers a message about the problem with a direct link to donate or share the game via Facebook.

National Breast Cancer Foundation Website


Client: Kelly St Digital / National Breast Cancer Foundation Australia
Art Direction: Lee Jackson
The previous NBCF website was in need of an update. It was an old design that looked out-of-date and text heavy. There was a lot of information on the site, but as it stood, it was difficult to find anything in the warren-like navigation. To make things more simple, a magazine style site was created which used a more visual interface, to guide the reader from one place to the next. It enabled a lot of content to appear less overwhelming, and gave the user a much simpler journey to the content they needed.

Various Logo Designs


Citibank Infographics – Facebook Game


Client: The Dubs / Citibank Australia
Art Direction: Lee Jackson
These Infographics were part of a Facebook promotional game that had each Facebook user answer a few questions about their attitudes towards money and finances. Depending on how they answered, at the end of the questionnaire, the user was presented with an infographic which best described their attitude. From spenders to savers. Fun and interesting facts were displayed and users were encouraged to share the infographic on their Wall.

Electrolux – Advertising campaign


Client: Electrolux Australia
Art Direction: Lee Jackson
Many of the top restaurants in Australia use Electrolux equipment in their kitchens. These press and outdoor display ads use this fact simply together with some of the signature dishes two of these top restaurants create. Rockpool and Tetsuya. 

Merry Christats – Self Promotion EDM



Client: Lee Jackson
Art Direction: Lee Jackson
Copywriting: Brendan Shanahan
This fun infographic went out as an EDM to all my clients and contacts. A simple design to show some interesting facts about Australia at Christmas.

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